World War 2 Reenactment

A realistic World War II battle reenactment closes out the NREE. Re-enactors from the major organizations in the Rocky Mountain area will participate in recreating a 1940’s European battlefield. These re-enactors, from groups like the 6th Division (1940-1941), the Colorado Military Historical Group, Kampfgruppe von Rybus, WW2 Reenactors in Colorado, 5th SS Viking and others, contribute their time and financial support in acquiring, restoring and displaying the weapons and artifacts from the Second World War. The re-enactor’s goal is to honor the veterans by recreating their experience for today’s public. The battle reenactment will include ground troops, vehicles, including both wheeled and tracked types, aerial attacks, pyrotechnics and hand-to-hand combat, all coordinated to recreate a typical battle in the European Theater of Operation.

Angel Light Pyrotechnics of Pierce, Colorado, working with the reenactors, takes great pains to create as authentic an experience as possible. Fires rage and explosions reverberate as the scene plays itself out, and visitors to the NREE are left in awe as the action unfolds.

Veterans have commented that this is as close to the real thing as they have seen, and have said that the reenactment gives audiences a taste of what a real battle may have been like.

In addition to the closing battle, reenactors create an Army camp, where they interact with individuals throughout the day, allowing them to see how the soldiers dressed, ate, slept, and went about their everyday lives while stationed in a European theater of war. World War II era vehicles can also been seen close up.

This a piece of living history that has sparked interest in people of all ages to learn more about what their fathers, grandfathers, and even great grandfathers experienced in World War II.

Earplugs will be available for purchase at the Veteran's tent. The Re-enactment has some loud explosions and ear protection is recommended.

Click Here for a little background on Angel Light Pyrotechnics, the "bang" behind the reenactment at the NREE.

If you are planning to participate in the re-enactment, please read the Letter to Re-enactors and fill out the Liability Release Form.


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